In the heat without water were 45 thousand bolhovchan

В жару без водоснабжения остались 45 тысяч волховчан

On Wednesday afternoon, July 18, an accident on the pipeline deprived of water residents of the city of Volkhov in the Leningrad region, according to regional information sources with reference to the dispatcher service of the city administration.

The accident on the pipeline with a diameter of 500 millimeters in a wastewater treatment plant occurred at 15.30. No water is left both parts of the city divided by the river Volkhov, the population of 45 thousand inhabitants.

However, in 15:50 water returned to the house in the left part of the city, where about 21 thousand people. At the same time started with reduced pressure to supply power to the right side of the Volkhov. At 17.25 the water supply was fully restored.

It is known that the accident occurred in the chamber of valves in vodoochistka construction. There were employees of Contracting companies.

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