In the hands Zelensky – “a majority of” Ukrainians trust – analyst

В руках Зеленского – «контрольный пакет» доверия украинцев – политолог

Vladimir Zelensky received a “controlling interest” trust of Ukrainians. This was stated by the political scientist Nikita Poturaev, commenting on the results of recent sociological research group “Rating”, which witnessed the absolute leadership Zelensky in the presidential race.

“The figures confirm that Zelensky, the President of the majority of Ukrainians. For him ready to vote, 73% of voters who will go to the polls on April 21 and 52% of all Ukrainian respondents. About any division of Ukraine, according to the supporters of Petro Poroshenko, speech is not” – said the expert.

Poturaev stressed that the priority Zelensky issues that unite the country: economic growth, poverty reduction, the fight against corruption. At the headquarters of Poroshenko accents other: language, Church, etc.

“In fact, these issues divide the country. We try to get to decide who is the greater patriot, indicate what language to speak. In this sense, the team Poroshenko allegedly Patriotic rhetoric shows complete identity with the campaign of Viktor Yanukovych in 2004”, – said the analyst.

However, he was sure that attempts to divide the country is absolutely artificial. “Let’s take NATO and European integration. That Ukraine has decided on the Maidan. Or the theme of language. The elections led to the new generation – people who graduated from Ukrainian school, they know Ukrainian, they are. They either just speak Ukrainian or bilinguals. These voters generally such problems as the language does not exist”, – said Nikita Poturaev.

In addition, he stressed that the campaign Poroshenko was the emphasis on intimidation, don’t like people.

“People in a neurotic state because of the war, and they tried to drive into psychosis. This is especially noticeable in social networks. Supporters of Poroshenko is very aggressive. And it’s all very bad for the country. With all the rhetoric that Russia will destabilize the Poroshenko team, only it was doing. When is the next round Poroshenko said that will never recognize Zelensky, will bring people to the street, to deprive Zelensky Parliament powers – is a dangerous game. Waiting for Russia”, – said the analyst.

Besides, he thinks such tactics are brand conscious. “It is a conscious use of black crane technology. The old elite could smell the roast. They understand that Zelenski can really bring a new generation of politicians and that it resonates with the Ukrainians”, – summed up Poturaev.