In the European Parliament elections predicting victory “friend” Putin: the data of exit polls

На выборах в Европарламент пророчат победу «подруге» Путина: данные экзит-полов

In elections to the European Parliament in France, the greatest support is the party “friend” President of Russia marine Le Pen

This is stated on the website of the European Parliament.

So, the Pro-Russian party, according to the forecast, gains from 23% to 24.2%. The party of the incumbent President Emmanuel Macron is gaining from 21.9% to 22.5%.

На выборах в Европарламент пророчат победу «подруге» Путина: данные экзит-полов

Closes the three leaders of the Green party. Her forecast of 13%.

It is noteworthy that it has time to comment on herself “friend of Putin” Le Pen. According to the woman, the result of her party, “confirms the division between globalists and anti-globalists” in France and abroad.

At the same time, the macron, called the exit poll evidence of the “leprosy” of nationalism, which settled in Europe.

As previously reported, on 12 March the European Parliament by a majority of votes has approved the decision no longer to consider Russia a strategic partner of the EU. Victory boasted head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev.

According to him, 403 MP voted to reconsider Russia’s status, required by the agreement on partnership and cooperation. The Parliament decided to extend anti-Russian sanctions, which greatly besieged Russians. “Finally they did it” — glad Volodymyr Ariev.

The diplomat added that in the framework of the European Parliament resolution condemns Russian disinformation campaign. Legislature urged the Agency East Stratcom Task Force to strengthen the fight against the threat. In addition, the deputies protested the aggression of Russia in the Baltic, Black, Mediterranean seas and on land. The policy also drew attention to the suspicious Kremlin’s support for authoritarian regimes in Syria, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela.

In the European Union remained concerned about the project “Nord stream-2”, because it can strengthen Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and to harm the local economy. The Parliament condemned the illegal financial transactions and laundering Russian money.

На выборах в Европарламент пророчат победу «подруге» Путина: данные экзит-полов

Recall that the EU Ukraine plunged a knife in the back, “Putin will appreciate the” details of the scandal.

As reported Politeka, the EU is preparing a strike on Putin over Ukraine: “It is not the end”.

Also Politeka wrote that Russia was punished for the incident in the Kerch Strait: the EU imposed sanctions.