In the case of the murder of five of Kirill’s unexpected turn: “suspended sentence and fine”

В деле об убийстве пятилетнего Кирюши неожиданный поворот: «Условный срок и штраф»

5-year-old Cyril Tleuova, who died after shooting policijskih in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, could have shot another child

About this informed the lawyer of the family of the deceased Alexander Shcherbina writes “Straight”. The lawyer suggested that the protection of the arrested police officers will file an appeal and request to change the measure of restraint.

According to Shcherbina, the weapon from which the shooting could be in the hands of 14-year-old son of the suspect Vladimir Petrovec.

В деле об убийстве пятилетнего Кирюши неожиданный поворот: «Условный срок и штраф»

“The owner of the premises had a gun. His child also enjoyed it and made the shots. Were seized shell casings and bullets, the weapons are still not found. From the testimony of the witnesses shows that it was, and he was shot. Moreover, the weapons during the search were missing, although was in the yard,” said the lawyer.

This information was confirmed by the Prosecutor, reports “Interax-Ukraine”. It is also noted that the defense of the accused is concerned that the boy died from a single shot and two suspects.

The Ukrainians immediately reacted to this information. Many believe that the child is not involved in the murder of the sudden a surprising turn can be explained only one — the perpetrator wants to get rid of probation Write about it online.

“Oban is already transferred to the hands of obviously minor and not subject to the court) Well BL clowns”, “will Now make a minor fault in this situation “dad” will receive a suspended sentence and a fine..”, “OOO… began… on the youngster to hang want?” — write in the comments.

В деле об убийстве пятилетнего Кирюши неожиданный поворот: «Условный срок и штраф»

We will note, earlier the social activist Roman Sinitsyn on his page said the suspects strangely came in the police.

“Small kill ex-cops. Certification they failed and were recommended for dismissal, but recovered through the courts, even now find out all the details. Not “patrol”, not “police” as it is now to communicate in the national police, namely former gaishniki. Garbage,” — said Sinitsyn.

He also criticized the police response to the death of Cyril Tleuova.

“Nothing new, Esprit de corps and fraud. At first the boy “he fell.” Then the killers had been hiding and interrogating his own, but had to do it the investigators of the RRG. Then the Prince dismisses the head of the regional Central Board. Not dismissed from internal Affairs bodies, and positions. In parallel he asks in ATOOS as if it’s some kind of sump. Waiting to start a flash mob of some kind on Facebook and avatars will change”, — was indignant activist

Recall the shooting of the boy cops cluttered with details, slyly new names.

As reported Politeka found a series of mystical coincidences in the tragedy with the five-year Kirill Clavulin, the forecast is frightening.

Also Politeka wrote that the new tragedy with the police shocked Ukraine: killed the whole family.