In the case of Gerus proposed changes to the green tariffs investors will submit claims to international arbitration, media

В случае предложенного Герусом изменения зеленых тарифов инвесторы подадут иски в международный арбитраж, - СМИ

The attack on the green tariff, which was started by head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on energy and utility services Andrey Gerus threatens Ukraine with claims of investors in international arbitration, it there lose

This is referred to in the material Hvilya “From Rotterdam to Moscow, in the Ukrainian energy sector started extreme turn,” reported by “DS”.

“Andrew Gerus declared the attack on the “green” tariff, which finances renewable energy. In his opinion, it is unreasonably high. On 27 September he headed the Verkhovna Rada Committee held a round table on which discussed a wide list of possible legislative initiatives from retrospective reduction “green” tariff to the taxation of “green” power to additional taxes”, — reported in the material.

The author argues that such changes in legislation will not cause enthusiasm among foreign investors who Finance renewable energy projects, and they will submit claims to international arbitration.

“Obviously, these legislative amendments will not cause enthusiasm among investors, many of whom are not residents. The last, most likely, will try to mobilize to protect their investments of the Embassy of their countries and international organizations. Or give to Ukraine in the courts, which will win,” predicts the author of the material.

Recall the legislation of Ukraine is guaranteed the preservation of “green tariffs” at a constant level until 2030 with the aim of stimulating investment in the production of electricity from renewable sources.

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Earlier, the Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian wind energy Association Andriy Konechenkov said that retrospective viewing green tariffs will provoke lawsuits from companies who received them under the law, and also adversely affect the development of green energy in Ukraine and the investment climate in General.