In the Carpathians there was irreparable: “abandoned in search of all the forces”

В Карпатах произошло непоправимое: «бросили на поиски все силы»

A tourist went to conquer the Ukrainian Carpathians, but suddenly felt very unwell and lost consciousness

In heavy fog, heavy wind and torrential rain to help the woman rushed rescuers, the press service of the SSES in Transcarpathian region.

A friend of tourists from the Czech Republic did not panic and got through to the rescue, saying that her companion needs urgent medical care. The incident occurred on Monday, may 6, about two o’clock.

В Карпатах произошло непоправимое: «бросили на поиски все силы»

The woman called the approximate coordinates.

Despite the bad weather conditions, rescuers in search of the women threw all their forces. They managed to find the victim and her companion. A tourist from the Czech Republic was barely alive. She rendered aid and transported to the village of Pylypets, and from there moved to mezhyhirs’ka Central district hospital. Reportedly, the foreigners was diagnosed with hypothermia.

In the rescue of tourists was attended by 10 people and two units of special equipment.

About how now he feels the victim was not reported.

As we wrote earlier, in the Carpathian mountains on top of the Pope Ivan from frostbite, two persons died. It is reported that to take a tour group consisting of eight people. Later they asked for emergency help from the lifeguards on duty at the PIP Ivan mountain. Three tourists with frostbite was taken on a stretcher. Two of them could not be saved.

В Карпатах произошло непоправимое: «бросили на поиски все силы»

As previously reported, in the Carpathian mountains near the camp site in the village of Pylypets lost tourist from the Dnieper. Rescuers immediately began its search. Tourist looking for 30 people and 5 vehicles. Also the air lifted the helicopter MI-8. However, the search to no avail.

В Карпатах произошло непоправимое: «бросили на поиски все силы»

Also note that in the Carpathian mountains found the body of the inhabitant of Kiev, which were covered by avalanche. This was told by representatives of the office of the State service of Ukraine on emergency situations in the Transcarpathian region in the social network Facebook.

Search team got to the site of the avalanche, which hit a tourist. Rescuers pulled from the snow body.

Two friends of the victim managed to escape from under mountains of snow, the third – no luck. All three came to the Carpathians from Kyiv.

В Карпатах произошло непоправимое: «бросили на поиски все силы»

Recall that an earthquake shook the Carpathians: the elements attacked several countries.

As reported Politeka, 12-year-old boy is hit by an avalanche and was under snow for 40 minutes.

Also Politeka wrote that the avalanche had suddenly covered the people in the Russian Federation: “the bodies found in the snow”.