In the British Royal family held a same-sex wedding

Last spring the ranks of the British Royal family has been enriched with actress mulatto, and now it appeared the first same-sex couple. In marriage with another man entered the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Ivar Mountbatten.

As reported by Daily Mail, a British Lord and married his beloved James Coloma which not one year was associated romantic relationship.

The marriage ceremony gay couples held last Saturday. The lovers exchanged vows of fidelity in the presence of sixty guests, including other members of the Royal family was not. Of all the relatives of the groom congratulated him, only the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Edward. Earl of Essex personally appeared at the ceremony, but sent “warmest greetings” entered into unconventional marriage of kin.

According to journalists, Ivar Mountbatten took to the altar his ex-wife penny, with whom he had been married for 16 years. Distinguished this ceremony from the traditional weddings of British royalty and some other things.

For example, the wedding cake, the couple decided to replace for slicing your favorite cheeses, from traditional black suits were abandoned in favor of bright corduroy jackets. Gifts of the Queen’s brother and his husband also received – instead, the couple asked guests to make donations to the charity Fund for the treatment of spinal injuries.

Now the couple are planning their honeymoon, which they will hold towards the end of this year. Mountbatten is going to take her husband to Croatia or Greece.

Recall that Lord Ivar Mountbatten brought the grandson of Countess Nadezhda Mikhailovna de torbi, who was the granddaughter of Alexander Pushkin on his mother, and the father of Russian Emperor Nicholas I. This marriage was his second, and his wife Penelope Thompson, cousin of Elizabeth II divorced seven years ago, having to make a joint three daughters.

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Coming out member of the Royal family made two years ago. But the attraction to men he started testing much earlier, because by entering into the first marriage he did not conceal from his wife his bisexuality.

We also add that the initiator of this marriage was made by Mountbatten himself. The intention to marry his partner Lord announced in early summer.

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