In the Antarctic massively killed the Chicks of penguins

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In a penguin colony on East Antarctica died of starvation all the eggs except two.

Experts have called the current breeding season “catastrophic”.

The reason for this was an unusually large volume of ice that the penguins had to swim further for food than usual.

This is the second bad season for the penguins for five years. In 2015, survived none the chick.

Conservationists call for urgent action for the protection of the colony, which has 36 thousand individuals.

The world wildlife Fund says that the survival of many Antarctic species, including penguins, Adelie, would a ban on krill harvesting in the area.

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WWF supports research by French scientists, who are observing the penguins in 2010.

The protection of these birds will discuss on Monday at a meeting of the Commission for the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources. Its membership comprises 25 countries and the EU.

Pnni Adele is a bird that lives in the most southern in the world. Find them along the coast of Antarctica. The breeding season lasts from October until February.

Penguins usually lay two eggs in nests of stones. The parents incubated them.

Adults can travel in search of food at a distance of 50-120 km Slovene they bring the Chicks in their beaks.

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