In the amusement Park with a roller coaster broke people are victims: the details of the emergency

В парке развлечений с горки сорвались люди, есть жертвы: подробности ЧП

Stay in the Park of attractions for the visitors ended with severe injuries

On one of the rides suffered from 14 people, two died.

The tragic accident happened in a Chinese amusement Park in Chengdu, Sichuan province. There on one of the rides while riding a roller coaster on the “cheesecake” crashed Park visitors.

В парке развлечений с горки сорвались люди, есть жертвы: подробности ЧП

“Cheesecake” at high speed flew over the protective fencing.

All the victims, including six children, was admitted to the hospital. However, doctors were unable to save two people who from the received traumas has died in hospital.

Other victims according to their injuries in the hospital will have to spend a long time.

Militiamen began to find out how this accident could happen. The fatal slide was closed and employees who were responsible for it detained.

It is reported that the length of the hill, which departed people, is more than 200 meters.

As previously reported, the inhabitant of Odessa with a two year old daughter was almost crushed inflatable slide in the Park. On the unfortunate trap in which they are caught, Tatiana Chumachenko said in social networks.

The incident occurred in Victory Park, where the seaside district administration organized a celebration for the locals. One of the attractions was two inflatable trampoline with slides.

According to the victim, she went with her daughter to the upper platform inflatable slides – about the height of 2.5 meters, when the attraction began to rapidly deflate and the wall slides began to squeeze the people at the top.

“We with Nastya clamped on all sides for literally half a minute, there was no getting out. In front of us was going down a hill a boy of 4, I could have pushed and asked her to call for help, but this is a baby. Every minute we squeezed more and more, I shouted: “Help anyone!” Tried to climb with a small upward as we turned from the highest point to the lowest. My child is hysterically crying, the only thing I could — be a bridge over it, so that she could breathe and continue to call people. It lasted about five minutes, but to me these moments seemed to last forever. Honestly, I thought we die here, crushed by the big trampoline or just suffocate,” — said the Governor.

В парке развлечений с горки сорвались люди, есть жертвы: подробности ЧП

People from the trap got the caretaker. He reported that the emergency situation has arisen due to overcrowding of the trampoline children as the ride allowed everyone without restriction.

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