In Thailand, a famous private beach occupied by hundreds of sharks. VIDEO

Hundreds of sharks occupied the famous Maya beach (Maya Beach), located on the island of Phi Phi Le in Thailand.

The corresponding video was published in YouTube.

Note that the Maya beach (Maya Beach) became known after the release of the film “the Beach” starring with Leonardo Di Caprio.

In June, the Maya beach was closed. Initially the ban was in effect until September, but after the ban on visits to the famous beach has been extended.

This was done in order to restore the ecological balance, as due to mass tourism in this region began to die EN masse corals.

Six months after the ban, the waters of the beach, a host of reef sharks, whose number is constantly growing.

Conservationists commenting on video footage with hundreds of reef sharks in the crystal clear waters of the beach, appreciated this fact, but environmentalists said that it could be a sign of regeneration.

The footage of the video you can see a huge amount of sharks that swim just a few metres from the beach. Still small and their size does not exceed 100-120 cm.

Experts note that adult reef sharks can reach sizes up to two meters. However, a particular danger for people with these types of sharks are not.

Add that black tip reef sharks today are under threat of extinction, and if we do not take any steps to preserve this species, the black tip reef sharks can completely die out.

And the fact that the waters of Maya beach on the island of Phi Phi Le in Thailand for floats is a number of reef sharks, leaves hope that this will be able to save.

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