In Tatarstan the man walked the hotel of Kazan and raped in turns of women and children

In Tatarstan detained a man suspected of sexual assault against the female guests of the hotel in Kazan.

How did you find the militiamen in the night of 4 November, 36-year-old man, being drunk, decided to visit his friend, which is located in Kazan hotel “Kvart”.

However, coming into the room to his friend, the man she never found, so I decided to continue to walk the hotel and look in the other rooms, the doors to which were open.

In one of these rooms alleged offender saw 13-year-old girl, which, according to the investigation, have committed violence of a sexual nature. However, the man didn’t stop.

In the next room, the alleged offender found two more girls. One of them, he started in the bathroom where also raped, according to investigators. Then 36-the summer inhabitant of Tatarstan has risen on the floor above, where in one of the rooms found 37-year-old woman also was raped.

Only after that the alleged offender left the Kazan hotel.

It should be noted that investigators have identified the alleged offender is a resident of Atninsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan Almaz Nureyev.

The man already charged with sexual assault, which he committed against the 37-year-old woman and two teenage girls in 2004 and 2005 birth.

In addition Nureyev against a criminal case under three articles of the criminal code: 131 (rape), 132 (violent actions of sexual character) and 135 (indecent assault).

In addition, pre-investigating check launched against officials of JSC “Kvart” and chop “Sphinx”, which was supposed to ensure the safety of the guests of Kazan the hotel.

We will add that in the course of investigation it was also found that the Diamond Nureyev, who, according to the investigation, went to Kazan hotel and raped two teenage girls and a woman has already been convicted for similar crime in 2014.

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