In Sweden, the “hackers” terrorists LIH* intervened on the radio

One of the world’s largest news agencies, Reuters reports embarrassment for the Swedish radio (Malmo). In the morning the air commercial radio Mix Megapol listeners were forced to listen to half an hour of the propaganda song, “Glory to Allah” the terrorist organization ISIL* (organization banned in Russia).

As reported in the company’s radio stations owner Bauer Media Group, unknown intervened in the normal operation of the channel, using a pirate transmitter. Yesterday it became known about the confusion on Swedish radio. News front said that the website of the Swedish commercial radio station Mix Megapol has been hacked by ISIL. In place of the usual songs Mix Megapol, the militants were forced to listen to three-minute song “for the Sake of Allah”, which is used to set the ranks of the terrorist organization.

The authoritative edition of “Kommersant” reports that the company that owns radio stations, Bauer Media Group announced the intervention in the operation of a pirate radio transmitter.

* The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court

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