In South Korea captured an image of the angel

Tourists in South Korea wanted to make a keepsake tour of the village of Yangdong. During shooting, they found the object in the sky, which is very reminiscent of angel.

Driving along the river in a South Korean village Yangdong tour group tried to remove the view of the area. Suspecting nothing, the man turned on the camera and started shooting. Suddenly discovered on the screen of the unknown object, which flies across the sky like an angel.

About mystical phenomena in these parts was never mentioned, so to pursue such a goal and the man intentions were not. He could not imagine that I will be able to witness such an amazing spectacle.

There is another, no less fantastic is the assumption about what constitutes this phenomenon. Some researchers believe that the cloud is intelligent and able to transform into any shape. Maybe they even form a kind of aerial civilization. No wonder people since ancient times worshiped the clouds.

Experts are now investigating in more detail the video below you could say, what is this object. And the conclusions of the angel is not in a hurry.

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