In some cases, antibiotics can kill: “do not drink”

В каких случаях антибиотики могут убить: «не стоит пить»

When you do not need to be treated with antibiotics

Sometimes people “appoint” themselves antibiotics, although in reality at this time they are not necessary. Moreover, bacteria can adapt to the drugs, causing a serious bacterial infection.

Because of this, according to the who, every year in the EU die 25 thousand people, according to the Ministry of health. So, here are 5 cases when you take antibiotics completely pointless.

Bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infection

В каких случаях антибиотики могут убить: «не стоит пить»

These diseases occur due to viral and bacterial infections.

But don’t treat them with antibiotics. Even if they were provoked by bacteria, the doctor prescribes antibiotics only in really severe cases.

Inflammation of the eye

When you are in a pharmacy offering drops with antibiotics due to the redness and inflammation of the eye, think before you agree. If you do not know exactly what triggered the inflammation, do not buy unnecessary drugs. Not only will you have throw away money, but will risk their own health.


Do not use antibacterial ointment “for the prevention of infection” for minor cuts, because to be infected is actually only 3% of wounds.

The doctor prescribes antibiotics only in specific cases of superficial wounds (e.g., diabetes, wounds on the legs, lesions more than 5 cm, or contaminated).

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В каких случаях антибиотики могут убить: «не стоит пить»

Prevention of the disease

Do not take antibiotics for prevention. Antibiotics are medications that can be prescribed only by a doctor depending on the nature of the infection. And if excessive, unreasonably and uncontrollably make them, the bacteria will mutate and become insensitive to them. And this increases the cost of treatment, duration of hospitalization and increases the risk of death.

Previously, scientists told about the unpleasant consequences for children after taking antibiotics. Treatment of children younger than two years of antibiotics increases the risk of subsequent development of obesity. The longer the kids are taking these medications, the higher the risk of excess weight.

Receiving antibiotics kids subsequently significantly more likely to experience obesity, as shown by a large-scale study involving more than 300 thousand children.

Recall is worse than cancer and diabetes: scientists said that the antibiotics would bring people.

As reported Politeka, after antibiotics, the intestinal microflora is restored within six months scientists.

Also Politeka wrote how dangerous the meat on the antibiotics.