In Sochi the invasion of dangerous insects: in panic, “how in horror movies”

В Сочи нашествие опасных насекомых: в городе паника, «как в фильмах ужасов»

In Sochi, Russia began the invasion of caterpillars – sootvetstvuyushie photos and videos massively publish in social networks residents of the city, which has already started to panic

The footage shows how the larvae literally occupied courtyards, parasites crawling over the metal fence and parked cars. Live from Sochi is now reminiscent of horror movies.

“And what’s with this beauty to do? We have rain coming from these caterpillars” — outraged resident of Sochi, removing what is happening on your phone’s camera.

It turned out that the city attacked the American butterfly, which as fire is feared by many farmers.

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Leaving your car under trees, be prepared that it may be hijacked. No, not thieves and caterpillars 🐛 #sochi#Sochi#sochi_today

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According to environmentalists, the caterpillars mostly attack the centre of Sochi, in other parts of the insect less. To a sharp increase in the number of parasites has led the heat to the same on August the peak of breeding the second generation of pests.

In the mayor’s office rushed to reassure citizens, assuring that the situation with the insects under control. The pest has allocated 13.5 million rubles.

“The resort is now in its second phase of processing plants from the American white butterfly and a marble bug. For plants greater danger is posed by exactly the tracks that do not damage the barrel, but completely devour leaf plate” — said the Sochi city administration.

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In the mayor’s office said that the processing is conducted daily from 04:00 to 08:00 forces of contractors of district administrations. Twice already treated more than 100 hectares of parks and gardens. There are problem areas, mainly in areas of dense residential development.

“The peculiarity of the behavior of the tracks is such that after treatment the insects EN masse to crumble from the trees” — added to the Sochi city administration.

In case of detecting the pest suggest to cut off and burn the nests with caterpillars. The second effective measure can be hunting belt around tree trunks from Kraft paper.

We will remind, ecological accident in Crimea, the people raised the alarm: “destroy all life”.

As reported Politeka, Dnipro were on the verge of environmental catastrophe: in which areas of special danger.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainian resort filled vile creatures.