In sea tragedy: 70 people died a horrible death

В море произошла трагедия: 70 человек погибли страшной смертью

In the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Tunisia, crashed the ship

In the tragedy of the drowned about 70 illegal migrants.

The ship sank on Friday, may 10, in international waters, 40 miles off the coast of the province of Tunis Sfax. On the frail little boat was carrying more than 70 people who tried to illegally cross from Africa to Italy.

В море произошла трагедия: 70 человек погибли страшной смертью

According to local media, managed to save only 16 people. And it was only thanks to fishing schooners that were in the area of the shipwreck.

The ship, full of people out to sea off the coast of Libya. The ship was planned to approach the Italian coast.

After it became known about the death of people to the crash site went Navy Tunisia, who organized a rescue operation. It is possible that the number of victims can increase.

As previously reported, workers “thanked” the crew that saved them.

The crew of the cargo ship in the Mediterranean rescued more than hundreds of migrants tried to reach Europe from Libya.

Water was rescued 108 people who turned out to be ungrateful saved.

Workers tried from Libya across the Mediterranean to reach the European coast. They were rescued by the crew of the tanker Elhiblu-1, which is headed for Libya. When the immigrants realized that the Europe they can not see as their ears and drop them again in Libya, seized the ship.

Migrants-the pirates sent a ship to Malta. However, the Maltese authorities have declared that do not intend to let the refugees into the country and will not stick to the tanker to its shore.

The accident has spoken and the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini. He noted that people did not like someone who is in distress and needs help. “They are real pirates, and they will only see Italy through binoculars,” — said Prime Minister, adding that the ship was also not allowed to stick to the Italian shore.

В море произошла трагедия: 70 человек погибли страшной смертью

Note that each year several hundred thousand migrants from Libya trying to get to Malta or Italy in search of a better life.

We will remind that it became known how many labour migrants from Ukraine are abroad.

As reported Politeka, workers prepare for mass eviction from Europe: Ukrainians under threat.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians have found an alternative to Poland in another country: the leaders among migrants.