In Saudi Arabia found the wreckage of the helicopter, which was Prince

In Saudi Arabia, search engine, found the first wreckage of the crashed helicopter, which was the Prince.

At the same time, search teams continue work on the discovery of the bodies. According to preliminary information, onboard the aircraft there was a group of politicians, as well as the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mansour bin Muqrin. It is known that yesterday 6 November in Saudi Arabia for unknown reasons crashed helicopter, on Board of which there were politicians and two members of the crew. Local media reported that the accident killed the Prince. At the moment rescuers discovered no dead bodies. It is noted that the policy has arrived with business visit in one of the provinces of the state.

Earlier, the expert said, how many more will stand Ostankino tower. It is noted that on 5 November this year she turned 50 years old.

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