In Saudi Arabia detained 11 princes by suspicion of corruption

Also detained dozens of current and former Ministers of the government of the Kingdom.

The Committee against corruption in Saudi Arabia, established on 4 November, headed by the crown Prince of the country Mohammed bin Salman has ordered to delay 11 the princes of the ruling family and four Ministers from the current government of the Kingdom, reports Al Аrabiya.

Saudi media also reported that one of the members of the ruling family arrested accused of signing illegal deals to sell weapons, another Prince for the conclusion of non-existent transactions, and another Prince accused of involvement in money laundering.

The king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud issued a decree establishing the Higher Committee for the fight against corruption, headed by the crown Prince of the Kingdom, which allowed to investigate, arrest, ban travel, freeze accounts, track funds and assets of persons involved in corruption schemes.

Earlier it was reported that the police in Saudi Arabia arrested more than 40 people for “inciting discord” in the country through social networks.

Saudi Arabia’s attempt on the crown Prince

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