In Russia will develop “winter” unmanned vehicle

Next year will be running competitions for the development of technological innovation, including the first Autonomous vehicle for travel in winter conditions. The organizers of the programs will be the Agency for strategic initiatives, SKOLKOVO Foundation and Russian venture company.

As noted by the General Director of RVC Alexander Povalko, in the first contest, the participants will work on technology for hydrogen fuel cells, in the second case it is planned to create a standalone model capable of operating on winter roads. The prize will go to the developers, the UAV which first reaches the ground in icy conditions, snowy markings and poor visibility.

Mr. Povalko said that competitions in the next three years state budget will allocate 600 million roubles a year. Next year during the conference will officially announce the beginning of a technological competitions in Russia.

Note that the Agency for strategic initiatives will form the target, and will select the jury and experts of RVC will participate in creating the prize Fund, and the Fund “SKOLKOVO” will attract industrial partners in the projects.

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