In Russia there is a crossover BMW X3 new generation

In Russia started selling crossover BMW X3 new generation. The SUV is not just emblazoned in showrooms, attracting buyers: dealers of the Bavarian brand are offering customers to try out the vehicle for a test drive.

Originally in Russia will be sold crossovers BMW X3, released in South Carolina, but next year the Assembly of these cars will begin in Russia. The model will be on the conveyor of the enterprise “Avtotor” in Kaliningrad. This can increase sales of the BMW X3 of new generation in Russia, because due to the localization of SUV, it will become much cheaper in the country.

The first buyers of the new crossover BMW X3 has already shared his impressions about the use of the machine. According to customers, the SUV is very dynamic and sporty for the driver and passengers feel comfortable inside the car. The basis for the crossover BMW X3 was the chassis CLAR.

The power line model is represented in Russia with five units. The performance of The two petrol engines is 184 and 249 HP Two diesel engine delivers power of 190 HP and 249 there is Also a “heated” BMW X3 M40i Performace with a 360-horsepower installation. For all trim levels of the crossover provides all-wheel drive.

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