In Russia the stores have a package with nine eggs

In Russia there is another innovation – buyers have noticed on the shelves of some stores package with nine eggs.

About it eyewitnesses on social network Twitter.

How to tell buyers they were very surprised when I saw on the shelves of some stores package with nine instead of ten eggs.

And all this against the background of rise in price of this product in December 2018.

Angry buyers started to complain and made demands that the package indicates the price per unit.

Know-how. Nine eggs!

— Ramil Harisov (@RRHarisov) 10 January 2019
As reported by the journalists of “Russian newspaper”, in early December of 2018, an increase was observed in prices for eggs. The Russian stores decided to profit before the new year holidays due to the growth of demand for eggs.

Representatives of the poultry farm has explained to journalists of the edition is the “know-how”.

“Packaging, with 9 eggs, made by another company and is currently quite common in Europe. Eggs poultry farm “Varaksino”, packaged in this container, are present in the trading networks of St. Petersburg”, – says the press service of the agricultural holding “KOMOS Group”, which includes poultry, issued packaging with nine eggs.
Also, the company noted that this decision did not affect the product price. And this packaging is just a new format for the Russian market.

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