In Russia mobile phone number can be equated to a passport

In Russia the number of the mobile phone may soon equate to the passport.

This possibility has been considered by the working group on the regulation of the digital economy under the government, “Vedomosti”.

As the newspaper notes, the bill, which will allow you to use mobile number as ID, said the Director of development and planning of SKOLKOVO Sergey Izraylit Director of direction “regulation” ANO “Digital economy” Dmitry Ter-Stepanov.

The bill says the introduction of nine future IDs, including — electronic signature authorization in a single system of identification and authentication, biometrics, or fingerprint data, as well as mobile phone number.

According to the publication, the working group considered and approved the proposal about using the phone as one of the identifiers of the individual. This question was posed only to the scope of the identifier. It is not excluded that there will be restrictions in using this ID.

It should be noted that a positive assessment of the possibility of using phone numbers as a personal identifier given in “the Megaphone” and MTS. Representatives of “VimpelCom” I think the bill still needs to be finished.

Of course for mobile operators, the introduction of a phone number as one of the IDs would be a big plus. On services to identify customers they could earn an additional 150 billion rubles for 4-5 years. Besides equating the SIM card to the passport is supposed to reduce the outflow of subscribers.

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