In Russia let slip about the insidious plans of Putin Zelensky: “the plan interception”

В РФ проговорились о коварных планах Путина на Зеленского: «план перехвата»

Vladimir Putin intends to intimidate the newly minted President Vladimir Zelensky

The distribution of passports to inhabitants of the occupied territories of Ukraine is a means by which the President of the Russian Federation plans to intimidate Vladimir Zelensky before direct negotiations.

This was stated by former state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev in interview””:

“Here at the Kremlin was absolutely a conscious plan to seize the Crimea, aimed at preserving Putin’s power in terms of independence and prevent the spread of the revolutionary virus in Russia. And the Donbass emerged as a bargaining chip, as a side result of the struggle of the elites within Russia, Putin wanted to use the Donbass to recognize Crimea as part of Russia, but this did not happen”, — noted ex-the Deputy of the state Duma Ponomarev.

В РФ проговорились о коварных планах Путина на Зеленского: «план перехвата»

Now the Kremlin is only aimed at intimidation of Vladimir Zelensky, the aggressor country and its leader believes that in this way it is possible to achieve relief in future negotiations with Ukraine on the occupied Donbas and Crimea:

“Putin wants to create the appearance of a threat to the talks Zelensky was more flexible. That is, you need to scare the Ukrainian leadership to give them the feeling that already there was the occupation, and may begin a new round of war, and Zelensky’s were, as Poroshenko in 2014, with a promise to bring peace in the country.”

In Russia a real catastrophe, says Ilya Ponomarev, namely significantly affected presidential approval rating of Vladimir Putin:

“Therefore he (Putin – ed.) to do anything, if only it did not happen. I think this is the plan of the Kremlin, and not in occupation.”

В РФ проговорились о коварных планах Путина на Зеленского: «план перехвата»

Moreover, the Russian politician gave Zelensky the Council in connection with the current situation:

“I would advise him to pretend that nothing happened. Of course, all the steps by the UN is correct, and I fully support them. The international community must act, and Ukraine should “not see,” concluded Ilya Ponomarev.

We will remind, Vladimir Zelensky went through tough Putin for the idea with Russian passports.

Elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said Russian President Vladimir Putin on the initiative with the distribution of passports.

“First, I would not recommend the Russian authorities to waste time trying to seduce the citizens of Ukraine and Russian passports. Perhaps there is someone who is still under the influence of propaganda. Maybe someone will do it for a living or trying to escape from criminal investigations. We can even give Vladimir Putin the list of citizens of Ukraine, which will soon become very comfortable in the country they are cynically robbing, abusing high positions. Let Russia again decides where most of all it needs such “professionals” — in the Rostov and Magadan”, — he said.

В РФ проговорились о коварных планах Путина на Зеленского: «план перехвата»

At the same time, Zelensky said, what it really means to be a Russian citizen.

“It is right to be arrested for peaceful protest. It isn’t right to have free and competitive elections. This right to forget about the existence of natural rights and freedoms of the individual. So do not expect that many Ukrainians want to become “the new oil”, which the Russian authorities are trying to turn their own people”, — he stressed.

Recall Zelensky gave all PrivatBank about the future: “now it is clear who is the puppet of Kolomoysky”.

As reported Politeka, the network leaked a secret document about the new Prime Minister of Ukraine: “Zelensky agree.”

Politeka also wrote that a former intelligence officer spoke about the relations with Russia Zelensky: “the first step done.”