In Russia crushed by bulldozers, hundreds of turkeys (VIDEO)

В РФ задавили бульдозерами сотни индюшек (ВИДЕО)

This decision was made by management of the company Evrodon.

In the Internet appeared the video, as on one of the farms in the Rostov region of Russia on the bulldozers crushed turkeys.

This writes the with reference to

Local media reported that this decision was made by management of the company Evrodon, which was in a difficult financial position. Several companies allegedly appealed to the courts with lawsuits to recover the debt from the Evrodon.

Why the administration of the farm made the decision to destroy the birds, and in this way is not known.

In the beginning of the month almost 90 dead elephants, killed by poachers, was found near the famous nature reserve in Botswana. In the organization Elephants without borders say that the scale of killings of elephants in Botswana is unprecedented.

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