In Russia a national tragedy, Putin is silent: “the whole world is on the ears”

В России национальная трагедия, Путин молчит: "весь мир на ушах"

In Russia ignore the national tragedy of the explosion at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region

So says the Russian writer and journalist Andrei Karaulov.

“And so the result is: since yesterday evening completely closed Dvinskaya Guba. This means that a nuclear explosion of an Intercontinental missile “Burevestnik”, production “Innovator”, has polluted, to put it mildly: polluted — a huge part of the North sea, so Dvinskaya Guba today is completely closed and removed all vessels, including fishing boats, all these millions of curies will go to the Barents sea.”, he writes.

В России национальная трагедия, Путин молчит: "весь мир на ушах" В России национальная трагедия, Путин молчит: "весь мир на ушах"

And according to Karaulov, this was a national tragedy. Nobody announced that fishing in the North sea is forbidden and will be followed by a ban on fishing in the Barents sea. Also, the authorities are silent, that Russia has its own Fukushima and tens of thousands of fishermen will be unemployed. And not only fishermen.

According to the journalist, Dvinskaya Guba, mouth of the Northern Dvina, and a huge part of the North sea coast has turned into the “zone”.

“Maybe I don’t know why, but unless we have a scheduled speech to the entire country’s chief sanitary doctor, defense Minister, presidential representative in the North and the President?”, — the journalist writes.

В России национальная трагедия, Путин молчит: "весь мир на ушах"

According to Karaulov, the whole world stood on the ears, and Russia all are silent.

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We will remind, the accident occurred on 8 August at the site near the village of Nyonox at Archangel. The explosion killed five people.

“Rosatom’s” representatives have tried to reassure the Russians, and assured that people far from the scene of the catastrophe to worry about. Allegedly, the accident poses no threat to the population.

According to the international environmental protection organization Greenpeace radiation was exceeded 20 times. However, according to the Unified state automated system of radiation monitoring of RF radiation environment in Severodvinsk is in the normal range.

Yesterday in the Internet appeared the video, which shows how the car “first aid” taking victims to the insane asylum in Moscow. Also, the drivers of ambulances dressed in protective suits, and cars wrapped in foil. Probably, Muscovites protected from radiation, which can radiate to the affected. The media found out that all the clothes burned patients immediately after hospitalization. The fire also sent hazmat suits and clothes of physicians.

Recall that radiation blast Putin: the situation is terrible, the truth revealed by satellite imagery.

As reported Politeka, an explosion at a military base and a radiation leak in Russia: the people rescued by helicopters, “hiding the truth”.

Also Politeka wrote that a powerful explosion occurred at the plant, a black “mushroom” up over the city: scary video damage.