In Poland desecrated the graves of the Ukrainians: “This is not only a cross…”

В Польше осквернили могилы украинцев: «Это не только крест...»

In Poland the unknown criminals broke into the cemetery and desecrated the monument to soldiers of the UPA

In Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland vandals have spoiled the pedestal to the memory of the heroes of the UPA, said “Our word”.

So, in the village of Fredropol the cemetery vandals have soiled grave cross with paint, wrote insults and smeared the names of the victims of Ukrainians.

В Польше осквернили могилы украинцев: «Это не только крест...»

“Jbac UPA, Mordercy kobiet i dzieci, Stefan Bandera dziwka”, which literally means “UPA murderers of women and children, Stefan Bandera bitch.”

The Association of Ukrainians in Poland, in Przemysl said that, much as someone tried to break a plate with the names.

“In my opinion, it’s not just the cross. It is grave. There is buried the villagers who were in the underground”, — said the head of the Department puremessage OUP Maria Tocka.

Earlier in Warsaw, said that the dismantling of the monument was held within the framework of the law. Monument to UPA soldiers in the village Groszowice been built illegally and its removal was consistent with the letter of the law, said the Ministry of culture of Poland.

According to Polish officials, the statue was illegally constructed in 1994 without the permission of local authorities. Against memorial buildings were also made by the Polish Council of protection of memory of struggle and martyrdom.

Yesterday it was reported that Polish officials considering applications of citizens of Ukraine on the right of residence in Poland, raise the question of Stepan Bandera and UPA. The vibration or lack of isolation from “banderizma” cause of the denial of the appeal.

В Польше осквернили могилы украинцев: «Это не только крест...»

This was reported by Natali Panchenko with the organization “Euromaidan Warsaw”, which believes that such dependence on the beliefs of the Polish officials gives scope for manipulation and abuse.

Panchenko said that the people who show the documents confirming Polish roots, have a right to stay in Poland because they are “not separated from Bandera.”

Recall that the work in Poland was hell for Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka, the first work abroad was for the Ukrainian last: found only the mutilated body.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians will have to pay more when you travel to Poland.