In Poland, brutally murdered with a young Ukrainian woman: “in front of everyone”

В Польше жестоко расправились с молодой украинкой: «на глазах у всех»

A resident of Poland mercilessly massacred Ukrainian right at her workplace

The tragedy occurred in front of staff and customers.

Pole shot and killed 26-year-old citizen of Ukraine in a public Laundry, where she worked as a girl. The tragedy occurred on Wednesday, September 11, in the city of gorzów Wielkopolski, the newspaper reports

В Польше жестоко расправились с молодой украинкой: «на глазах у всех»

It is reported that the crime 26-year-old pole did it deliberately due to the fact that the Ukrainian woman had ignored his attentions and refused to meet with him.

“The nature of the murder indicates that it was committed deliberately directed against a specific person,” – said the representative of police of the Lubuskie Voivodeship Marcin Malouda.

According to law enforcement officers, the murder occurred in front of other Laundry workers.

Heavily wounded Ukrainian woman was hospitalized, but doctors were powerless, and the girl died.

After the murder, the offender got into the car and headed to Germany. Already around the German capital of Berlin, he was stopped and blocked by police. The attacker jumped out of his car and pointed a gun at the police. German cops opened fire on defeat. Pole was shot.

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As we wrote earlier, in Poland there was a problem with a resident of the city. According to the national police of the Lviv oblast, the Ukrainian woman was killed in Poland. According to preliminary information, the murder took place in late August, the city of Sochaczew.

В Польше жестоко расправились с молодой украинкой: «на глазах у всех»

It is learned that the deceased was 26 years old. Law enforcers are searching for the Ukrainian, who is suspected in the murder of the girl. Police in Poland said that after the murder the man returned to Ukraine.

Polish law enforcement agencies asked the National police of Ukraine with a request to help in discovering the attacker. Now police from both countries working side-by-side to find and arrest the killer.

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