In Odessa held a Grand concert to the city day (VIDEO)

В Одессе прошел грандиозный концерт ко дню города (ВИДЕО)

The concert gathered more than ten thousand people.

On the evening of 2 September, the city day celebration ended with a massive concert on the Potemkin stairs, where gathered more than ten thousand people. For the events watched closely correspondent of the southern Courier with 192 stairs from the air, reports the with reference to the southern Courier.

At 19 o’clock on the Potemkin stairs began with a gala concert on the occasion of the city day. After all, Odessa is today, according to the official version, celebrating 224 anniversary of the founding, although the site of the modern city was located in the Turkish town of Khadjibey fortress Yeni Dunya, Lithuanian castle Kochubeev, but several centuries earlier — a large ancient Greek Polis.

In our video — panoramas filled with people the Potemkin stairs and Primorsky Boulevard, as well as interesting moments of the performances of the headliners of the concert.

The headliners have become known in Odessa and not only the performers: Valentin Cuba, Nastya Kamensky, Max Barskih and the group “Boombox”.

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