In Nakhodka ran aground unusual for the Primorye Medusa

Users of social networks from Primorye are actively spreading on the Internet a photograph of jellyfish stranded in the city of Nakhodka. As noted by experts in the field of water world, the sea dweller is absolutely not characteristic of the coastal region.

According to the information provided, the stranded in the discovery of the jellyfish was dead. Discover unique sea inhabitant witnesses noted the damage on his body. Noted, even nausesa on the jellyfish to the residents of Primorye are not immediately able to determine the form of a stranded representative of the aquatic world due to its atypical for the region. As suggested by the users of the network, a unique marine animal could arrive in Primorye with foreign trading vessel, subsequently separated from him.

According to experts, not typical for Primorye jellyfish is poisonous Portuguese boat, living off the coast of Japan. It is noted, the representative of the marine world is absolutely not adapted to life in other people’s own waters, which to see the living inhabitants of the sea of Japan in the Russian Primorye is almost impossible.

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