In Moscow the Gum the woman to death, choked on a food

A visitor to Moscow’s Gum died from asphyxia caused by food. Pensioner choked during lunch, and it cost her her life.

As the correspondent of the TASS news Agency, the lifeless body of a woman police found next to Festival café, which is located in the Main Department Store of Moscow. As reported by the source Agency, the deceased choked to death eating. The fatal incident took place on January 16.

“During dinner she was choking on his food, causing died”, — quotes Agency the words of the knowledgeable insider.
In turn, the telegram channel Mash reports that the dead woman’s name was Marinella Scheglova. At the time of death the pensioner was 68 years old.

According to the publication, last moments, the woman held in the Gum in the company of a friend, where they went shopping. Before his death the deceased went with his companion to eat at the Festival.

The preliminary cause of death ladies Gum – mechanical asphyxia. What dish to death choked the woman is still unknown.

City inspectors have already begun pre-investigation checks on the fact of death of the pensioner.

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