In Moscow beat a chocolate Bunny

В Москве избили  шоколадного зайца

Artist beat drunk man, which the singer refused to perform in a night club. For a star of show business got a mug on his head.

The famous artist Pierre Narcisse beaten in Moscow near the night club. The incident occurred in the night from 10 to 11 November, after which the singer wrote a statement to the police. This is the website

According to the singer, he came to a night club and near the entrance saw a drunk man with a beer in his hand. The man was behaving like hooligan, fought with security institutions and passers-by.

When the bully saw the singer he asked me to take him to the club, but Narcissus refused. After that, the man took out his phone and began to remove the star and let go in his direction obscenities. According to Narcisse, he pushed the phone so he was not shot, and received the mug on his head.

В Москве избили  шоколадного зайца


In the restaurant the singer helped to wash the blood and to get home, and the bully was caught immediately after the incident. Narcisse received a concussion and was forced to cancel concerts. The singer wrote a statement to the police.

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