In Moldova recently brought a new view of walnut under the name Rubin

What surprised Moldovan breeders.

У Молдові нещодавно вивели новий вид волоського горіха під назвою Rubin

Recently the Chairman of the Union of associations of producers of nut crops (UAPCN) Oleg Tersine told about new achievements of Moldovan breeders. And among the several new products were walnuts… with a red core!

The working title of sorts – “Rubin”. The trees are now propagated in the nursery, some are already planted in the experimental gardens. Last year, according to the Chairman of the Union, has already collected a few pounds of amazing nuts, informs Rus.Media.

Now the grade being tested. But they are already interested in local farmers.

However, Moldovan breeders were not the pioneers in this direction. The first such variety was received in 1999 from the University of California, Davis. The variety called Robert Livermore is the first patented walnut with red nuclei. More precisely, the hybrid was obtained by crossing varieties Howard and Magenta variations of walnut.

У Молдові нещодавно вивели новий вид волоського горіха під назвою Rubin

Also was launched the same grade – it was created in Crimea in Nikitsky Botanical, shadow. The variety is called Purple, it is entered in the Register of breeding achievements in 2015.

By the way, the price of nuts is much higher than traditional white. Most often they book restaurants and is served with desserts or added to salads.

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