In Kiev will host a recital of “Nich z Oleg Sentsova”: details

В Киеве пройдет творческий вечер «Ніч з Олегом Сенцовим»: подробности

Ukrainians want to organize an event in honor of the birthday of the famous political prisoner of the Kremlin, directed by Oleg Sentsov

In Kiev will host a creative event “Nich z Oleg Sentsova”.

This is stated in the appeal of organizers of the event:

“On Saturday, July 13, in room IZONE (St. meadow 8) activists of the initiative Save Oleg Sentsov will hold the art event “Nich z Oleg Sentsova”, dedicated to the birthday of the famous Director.”

It is known that the event will start at 20:00 and runs until 02:00 on 14 July.

So according to the organisers, it combines multiple formats. During the “Nich z Oleg Sentsova” will perform works Director, will perform well-known performers and will host a film screening of the documentary film “Step across half of the earth” (gromadske TB).

В Киеве пройдет творческий вечер «Ніч з Олегом Сенцовим»: подробности

Organizers called indifferent to the problems of the present Ukrainian citizens and all lovers of the talent of the Director to attend the event:

“We invite everyone to celebrate together the birthday of Oleg together with his sister, directed by Natalie Kaplan, a friend of the family actor Evgeny Chernikov, Andrey Hlyvnjuk (the” Boombox), writer Andrew Trigger, Anatoly Tapolsky (Dj Tapolsky), Anton by Slepakova, Vladimir Kadrovym, writer Svetlana Povalyaeva and the others.”

In addition, directly on the event can be signed congratulations Oleg Sentsov, which will be sent to the colony in the extreme North of the Russian Federation, where serving a sentence on trumped-up charges Ukrainian film Director.

Participation in the event is free.

Recall also, on 13 July the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov will celebrate 43 years and this is 6 birthday, which meets Oleg in Russian conclusion:

“Events on the occasion of the birthday of Oleg Sentsov this week will be held in different cities around the world. The calendar of events can be found on the pages of the initiative Save Oleg Sentsov in social networks. For more information contact: 0932536263 Catherine “.

В Киеве пройдет творческий вечер «Ніч з Олегом Сенцовим»: подробности

Also earlier it was reported that earlier the Moscow activists stretched a banner in support of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov,who was on hunger strike more than 100 days.

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All the news

A banner with a portrait of Sentsov put on the square of Europe near Kiev railway station. What is most incredible next all the while attended by police officers, but did not detain anyone.

The action did not last long. It was planned that the event will be held at the monument to Taras Shevchenko, but at the last moment, the activists decided to change the venue.

And recall that the famous Russian actress spoke in support of the prisoner of the Kremlin — Director Oleg Sentsov. Sentsov was supported by Chulpan Khamatova.

Chulpan Khamatova acted with words of support to the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, as well as Director of the Moscow theater “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov.

The actress called the charges against the Directors falsified. Serebrennikov and Sentsov she wished rather to be at liberty.

Note that these words came from Khamatova after she was awarded a prize “For honour and dignity”.

Recall, the hunger strike Sentsov broke all imaginable and not muslimytemirate, what happens next?

As reported Politeka, Putin can “to revenge” to the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov because of his public humiliation.

Politeka also wrote that the famous actress Liya Akhedzhakova paid for the sympathy and support of Oleg Sentsov.