In Kiev pull together the National guard, now comes the real independence: emergency treatment Avakov

В Киев стягивают Нацгвардию, грядет настоящий Майдан: экстренное обращение Авакова

Vladimir Zelensky discussed with Arsen Avakov plan of action in case of a new “Maidan”

As it became known, the President held a closed meeting with the interior Minister and security forces. During this meeting the question was raised of countering a possible “Maidan”. As reported by Telegram-channel “Legitimate”, citing its sources, Avakov told the President about the “tools” that can be used on 12, 13 and 14 October on the occasion of provocation to the Day of defender of Ukraine. Under the threat turned out to be March, which will be held in Kyiv on October 14.

In particular, security officials promise to check all buses and minibuses that travel to the capital. On railway stations to be on duty reinforced police teams, who will have to identify any suspicious group of people. In addition, Kiev would send additional forces of the national guard.

В Киев стягивают Нацгвардию, грядет настоящий Майдан: экстренное обращение Авакова

According to the source, the SBU will be engaged in “identification of seniors”, which gather people to participate in provocative actions on 14 October. Will also reveal a group of provocateurs, which collects “third party”.
Zelensky warned Avakov that all provocateurs should be the appropriate punishment without any concessions.

The President also asked security officials to contact all Patriotic organizations and explain to them the situation.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that some politicians are preparing massive provocation to influence President Vladimir Zelensky.

This informs the Telegram channel is Legitimate, citing its own sources.

So, according to unconfirmed reports, 11 October the head of state Vladimir Zelensky met with the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

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В Киев стягивают Нацгвардию, грядет настоящий Майдан: экстренное обращение Авакова

At the meeting, which was held in the Office of the President, discussed the action planned for 14 October in Kiev.

“It is already known that on this day, preparing provocations and attempts of the buildup of the situation in the country. Source from the SBU reports that they have information that on October 14 in Kiev will bring many activists, “radicals” and “provocateurs”, — informs the Telegram channel.

We will remind, Zelensky made a surprise offer to Putin.

As reported Politeka, “Servants of the people” rebelled and are not going to retreat, there has been a split.

Politeka also wrote that the Coming revolution from Zelensky, to fulfill the dream of millions of Ukrainians.