In Irpen attacked the journalist of the news “Poglyad”

В Ирпене напали на журналистку информагенства "Погляд"

In Irpen attacked the journalist of the news “Poglyad”

The attack on the journalist in Irpin, Kyiv region. Employee of one of local editions of poured paint. Who else is involved? And why the perpetrators of such crimes are not punished? The details – Bogdan Verbitsky.

A woman stands in the back of his head, hair and neck green

“Nestlike from Masterplan CCB BL. Hot. Perche, scho was asleep at Dumka, melodious acid”.

“TSE duzhe waboose mitto,” says colleges postradalo.

Working day Olga – journalist of the informational Agency “Poglyad” came to an end. The woman went outside to discuss with a colleague about work. But suddenly she was attacked.

“Mi sidle on laws. Mi have talked to. Next I Psov. Won seen zakoncila rozmova, Isla flies on the I from this f”, – says Sergey Bondarenko, the editor of the information Agency “Poglyad”.

“The napad Stasia nespola, sboku. Man bgla z solution of brilliant green I has yakos hmoney rakovinou I namugala Sality Ochi. Have posadili m eye. Lcar constituvely hmone APK. In tsiy ceftin I Bula. That is, the Yak bacimo here Sumish green stuff”, says Olga, a journalist of information Agency “Poglyad”.

To speak on camera, the victim refuses. Recognized, protects the tranquility of their home. On attack they are not words. The main cause of crime considers the activity.

“In particular iz cycle rosslauer in Gostomel, m for Benu, well I the whole Renski region. Ostan moï Rosslyn POV Asan iz vyrubkoi Gostomelsky LSU, nezakonno vyrubkoi”, – commented Olga, a journalist of information Agency “Poglyad”.

I also think the edition Olga. Such actions against the journalists in the editorial did not capture times. And the investigation “by garjachego footsteps” translated by hope. Exactly a year ago at the same place beat local lawyer. The perpetrators are still not found. But in the case of Olga, it might be different. The attacker was recorded by a surveillance camera. It is clearly visible on these shots. The police Irpin’re looking for him.

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“Vchora polca Priscila. However prichala won over 40 minutes after our viklicky, there zapomnili Protocol”, – says Sergey Bondarenko, the editor of the information Agency “Poglyad”.

“Virsutine power schodo mix application rate in RDR for oznakama zlocinu provided for stateu hulganisti. Residual qualia talegate Buda, od, Chi , tlsn ushkodzhennya, Chi no. The first term on the Buda formulates sovershenny Rosslyn”, – says Anatoly Tishkevich, the head of the investigative Department of the Irpin police GUNP in the Kiev region.

Attacks on journalists are in the country already commonplace. Talking about it in the National Union of journalists.

“For pers purose 2018 rock in Ukraine steel 45 napadu on jurnaltv. TSE toil on Uvas ficn attack, if porwnywanie s in the same period view from the past rock TSE Bulo 46 napadu. Shestnadcati Bulo scono have Kiev the region. Dnepropetrovska area stink vjnetcast for example Kamyanske wiadomi papalu automoble journalists,” says Lina Kushch, first Secretary of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine.

The main reason for this permissiveness – the perpetrators of attacks against journalists are not punished.

“You can paltsah ODN hands paraguachi wypadki, if naparnika on journalista punished. TSE mozhut Buti , ” officials MSCI deputies, TSE mozhut Buti I predstavnici pervoocherednih organs, the stench accuvote his Baskent,” says Lina Kushch, first Secretary of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine.

According to official data, last year has recorded 90 cases of aggression against journalists.

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