In humans aliens you see an underdeveloped and primitive creatures

Scientists converge in a single opinion, that aliens see in the people of underdeveloped beings. Wanted from all over the world hope to meet with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, but to do it still failed.

Mankind has tried to find a UFO or to send them a signal, however, results have not given. This is due to several reasons. First, human technology is not capable of sending a radio signal more of our milky Way galaxy. And secondly, most likely the aliens will be much stronger person. Because they would have been smart enough to build ships able to travel great distances and reach the Earth. This theory, however, is that science does not confirm the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Accordingly, some scientists have suggested that if an alien race possessing sverhtehnologii arrived on our planet, we would in their eyes looked like a monkey look in our eyes, that is very underdeveloped. Accordingly, they do not have any would need to stoop to our level.

The author of this idea is Neil Tyson. It claims that humans and apes, the difference is only one of the alleles of the DNA, but the intellectual differences just on the face. What if the aliens have the difference with our view of for example 5 allele DNA. Then on the background of our race will look very, very stupid, not even able to understand them. Accordingly, if extraterrestrials exist, they’re probably stronger us. And if so, do they even know about our existence, but to contact with us due to our primitiveness, they are not going.

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