In Germany, the constitutional court officially recognized a third gender

In Germany, the constitutional court officially recognized a third gender. So now the documents will appear in the column with the new floors. This primarily refers to those citizens who are not biologically belong neither to men nor to women. This innovation is associated with the fact that in Germany according to different data there are from eight to 80 thousand intersex people.

New rules the authorities will have to introduce by the end of 2018. The resolution is not to choose between “male” and “female” floor adopted after the court asked the people designating themselves intersexes. The documents he was a woman, but in all other instances he was denied this and forced to choose a male gender. The intersexes is a person or embryo, which has developed characteristics of both sexes. That is, a condition in which the individual can look like a woman to have both Breasts and a penis. Or, conversely, may look completely like a man, have no Breasts, but to have a female sexual organ. This congenital disease is confirmed by chromosomal analysis.

Previously, intersex simply put in the documents was between floors or leave this field blank. Attempts to introduce a new floor was previously in Germany. In 2016, the constitutional court has rejected a request for intersex recognition of the new gender.

The official information States that in the country in 2013 there are between eight to ten thousand people but activists say that there are about 80 thousand.

Earlier in July 2017, the German government approved same-sex marriage. Before they were allowed to enter civil unions and adopt children is prohibited.

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