In Finland put out a fire at a food processing plant

In Northern Finland the rescuers extinguished the fire at a food processing plant located in the village of Rantsila. At this time, says about three victims. Emergency services say that for the residents of the settlement canceled a notice about the risk of leakage of ammonia.

In the night of Saturday, broke out the top of the slab at a meat processing plant Food Kylmänen Oy. The fire instantly spread over an area of more than six thousand square meters. The alarm was raised by all fire brigades of the village of Rantsila and the city of Oulu, located 60 kilometers from the plant.

Due to the presence of the plant a large number of refrigeration units, the local population was warned about possible leakage of ammonia. Rescue services have prepared a transport for mass evacuation. However, by the morning the fire managed to localize and then to extinguish. In extinguishing the fire involved over 100 firefighters and 15 units of special equipment. Three people received minor burns. The cause of the fire becomes clear.

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