In Europe named the cheapest and most expensive country for living

В Европе назвали самые дешевые и дорогие страны для жизни

Federal statistical office Germany published the cheapest and most expensive country of the EU based on Eurostat data taking into account purchasing power parity, based on relative prices.

According to DW, the most expensive country in the EU is Denmark, where the price level is 41.5% higher than the European average. In particular, here the accommodation, café and restaurants are half more than the average in the EU.

To “expensive” countries of the EU include Luxembourg (the level of prices 27% above the average in the EU), Sweden (25%), Ireland (25%), Finland (22%). More Germany and the neighboring Netherlands and Belgium (12% and 11%, respectively), as well as France and Austria for nine and eight percent.

Even more countries were European countries outside the EU Iceland (66%), Switzerland (59%) and Norway (43%).

The cheapest EU country is Bulgaria, where the consumer for purchasing a specified set of goods and services must pay about half of the European average.

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