In Egypt tourists for the first time showed the “broken” pyramid: unique pictures

В Египте туристам впервые показали "ломаную" пирамиду: уникальные снимки

Near the Egyptian capital opened for tourists one of the oldest tombs — “broken” the pyramid of Pharaoh Sneferu

This was reported by “RIA Novosti”.

The ceremony was attended by foreign diplomats who were invited by the Ministry of Egypt on Affairs of antiquities. However, not all guests were able to a steep climb of one hundred metres by a wooden staircase, and then the same cool and narrow descent on the 80-meter corridor, which can move only on all fours. Some visitors refused to descend down the corridor.

В Египте туристам впервые показали "ломаную" пирамиду: уникальные снимки

“Broken” pyramid built for the ruler Sneferu about 2596 BCE, It is situated in a complex of Dahshur near Cairo and is famous for its unusual irregular shape. In addition, unlike other such facilities, it has two entrances: the traditional North and West of unknown purpose.

Informed near the “broken” pyramid archaeologists discovered the remains of another, presumably Dating from the XVIII-XVII century BC

Recently, the Swiss and French archaeologists have discovered at Saqqara the Golden tip of the pyramid that adorned the tomb of the mother of Pepi II, one of the last pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, according to the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt, writes

“We found this stone to the North of the pyramid of Pharaoh Pepi I, near the place where, as we expected, had to be the pyramid of his wife, Queen Ankiecie II, mother of the Pharaoh Pepi II, one of the rulers of the sixth dynasty of Ancient Egypt,” — said the head of the excavation Philippe Collombel.

В Египте туристам впервые показали "ломаную" пирамиду: уникальные снимки

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The height of the pyramidion was found is about 1.3 meters, and the length is about 1.1. The upper part of Nakonechna destroyed, allegedly by robbers.

Almost all Egyptian pyramids were visible for tens of kilometers due to the fact that their peak was adorned with a special structure — the pyramidion, sparkling in the rays of the sun.

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