In Dubai showed a special version of the supercar McLaren 720S

In the framework of the motor show in Dubai showed the original version of the supercar McLaren 720S with the aphorism of the brand’s founder Bruce McLaren and Golden elements in the design.

This McLaren 720S manufactured on special order, with customer name remains a mystery. Worked on the project specialists of McLaren Special Operations, which gave the model a special black shade with gold accents.

Heat shield engine McLaren 720S is made of 24 carat gold. Some elements of the supercar is made from carbon fiber, including the steering wheel. Underneath levers gear covered in paint of Golden tint.

As for the famous phrase of Bruce McLaren, then we are talking about the aphorism “Life is measured in achievements, not only past years.” This inscription was translated into Arabic, whereas in the embodiment of this element of the supercar it took us about three dozen hours. The final cost of the project is not specified.

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