In “DNR” panic, APU fighters handing out tickets for the concert Kobzon: save our souls!

В "ДНР" паника, бойцы ВСУ раздают билеты на концерт Кобзона: Спасите наши души!

The Russian occupation troops “of the L/DNR” are large losses in the zone of the OOS

In particular, the official representative of Putin’s thugs Daniel Bessonov accused the Ukrainian military in a massive strike, which the invaders suffered casualties among the personnel.

Panic terrorists drew the attention of the officer of the Ukrainian armed forces Anatoly Stefan Callsign ridiculous.

В "ДНР" паника, бойцы ВСУ раздают билеты на концерт Кобзона: Спасите наши души!

So, one of leaders of terrorists “DNR” Daniel Bessonov, confirmed that the occupation forces have suffered huge losses near the occupied Horlivka.

He wrote, supposedly as a result of mortar shelling by the APU killed three thugs, five others were injured. And social networks accomplices of the invaders are asked to “save their souls” after the crushing blow of OOS.

The General staff of the APU while officially this information has not commented, but before the journalist and blogger Yury Butusov in his Facebook said that the reconnaissance of the “Azov” broke the Russian position, eliminating four militants under Gorlovka.

APU officer “Stirlitz” recalled that the occupation of the Donbass leadership likes to write down a list of “victims of environmental forces” the militants, who killed by his own fault, in particular, violating rules of the reference with ammunition, either in a drunken brawl.

“For the last two days of the losses of invaders from different public sources vary. Personal page of speaker “of garlandia” Bezsonov – 3-200, 5-300. With the so-called official pages in social networks report about 1-200, and 1-300. But the interesting fact is the volunteer of the occupation forces Smirnova, who wrote about 10 purchased a ticket to the concert Kobzon. After some time he deleted the message, but most likely it was forced to do it. Information about losses of invaders, he always publishes just authentic. Consequently, the occupants began tactics of concealment of the losses. Together we will win!” – stated in the message of the Ukrainian army officer.

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В "ДНР" паника, бойцы ВСУ раздают билеты на концерт Кобзона: Спасите наши души!

Previously, we reported about a successful RAID force EP in the occupied area of Gorlovka. Details in social networks was published by the journalist Yury Butusov. It is reported that the reconnaissance of the “Azov” as a result of the strike managed to eliminate four Russian terrorists. Another was seriously wounded and captured.

According to Butusov, the actions of the personnel of the regiment “Azov” deserve the highest state awards, as fighters also managed to capture documents and weapons, which once again confirm the fact of aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

“Captured documents, weapons made of photo – and video fixing violations by Russian troops of the Minsk agreements and cease fire. From our side no losses. Workshops actions of the personnel of the “Azov” to a regime of “bread truce”, deserve the highest state awards”, — the journalist summed up in your Facebook.

Recall that Zelensky has carried out long-awaited dream soldiers EP

As reported Politeka, the truce is broken, the murderers Putin went to the cynical meanness.

Also Politeka wrote that murderers Putin went on the attack and shot our soldiers.