In Dnipropetrovsk region has installed a metal emblem of Ukraine

For the manufacture of arms went week.

У Дніпропетровській області встановили металевий герб України

In the Nikolaev integrated community of Petropavlovsk district has established the largest iron coat of arms in Ukraine.

A record crest was established in the framework of a sporting event – a large-scale bike ride, joined by most of the residents of the community. On this day in GSS hosted a major holiday with folk festivals, informs Rus.Media.

The size of the coat is more than 4.5 m by 3.5 m. It was done by the master team of Peter and Paul area. Above the coat of arms worked in a week.

Iron figure mounted on Gercevoj mountain near the village of Petrykivka, in the neighborhood of 15-meter flagpole with the flag of Ukraine.

The coat of arms recorded in the National registry of records of Ukraine.

У Дніпропетровській області встановили металевий герб України

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