In Crimea, the revolt, deceived by Putin’s people went on a desperate step: “we Have only…”

В Крыму восстание, обманутые Путиным люди пошли на отчаянный шаг: "У нас остается только..."

Residents of Russia-occupied Crimea are on the verge

About it reports Crimean Bandera, a Ukrainian blogger from Crimea.

People are afraid for their future and even those who supported the arrival of the “Russian world” on the Peninsula, oppose Putin.

So, according to the blogger, for the first half of 2019 in occupied Crimea, recorded 200 cases of arrests, 138 of which — in relation to indigenous people. Out of 200 cases: 67 — new arrests, including convictions, 133 cases — extending the period of detention. In the II quarter of current year in comparison with I-m the number of arrests increased from 97 to 103. Moreover, the figure for the first half of 2019, almost twice the figure for the same period in 2018 (98 cases).

В Крыму восстание, обманутые Путиным люди пошли на отчаянный шаг: "У нас остается только..."

The wave of protests begins to gain momentum. People post on their pages in social networks photos with posters “the unity of the expensive fines” and 10 ruble coins.

Crimea came under tough U.S. sanctions and could lose air service with other countries, to lose the Internet and foreign films. Crimea simply could turn into North Korea.

Here’s how she described one of the Crimean suppliers advertising in cinemas, because of security reasons wished to remain anonymous: “We are sitting on a powder keg, to the first precedent. One little scandal of world level — and we will lose all the Western movies that are licensed by the Russian Federation. We just need a Russian, maybe even Chinese or Indian cinema.”

В Крыму восстание, обманутые Путиным люди пошли на отчаянный шаг: "У нас остается только..."

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Residents are also angered that after the annexation substantially increased the prices of the products and clothing they sell is of poor quality. People can’t get used to the products of the Russian production. Visiting Russians are distinguished by their bezkulturnoe. Residents of Sevastopol have concluded that before the beginning of the occupation life was much better.

CHP for CHP pursues the inhabitants of the occupied Peninsula from invaders and people have already just do not have any patience.

A particularly difficult situation in the annexed Crimea with water. It is so often disconnected that Crimeans nerves. On the next otklonenii and the reaction to it of the residents wrote in his Twitter microblog by a local blogger RoksolanaToday&Крым25%.

This time problems arose in the long-suffering town of Armyansk, which last summer suffered from the emissions of the plant “Crimean Titan”.

“Armyansk. Water was not, and is not,” wrote blogger and have attached a screenshot, which she did in the social network in the group “Black list Armyansk-Krasnoperekopsk”.

Recall, the beaches of Crimea and Odessa compared to the height of the season: photo amazing.

As reported Politeka, a strong explosion occurred in the Crimea: disaster hide.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians showed no summer season in the Crimea: you can count on “one hand”.