In China, the tourists photographed UFO shaped like a donut

A businessman from Taiwan, who came as a tourist in the Chinese province of Yunnan, recorded on her camera a mysterious object in the sky over lake Dianchi. A mysterious UFO was shaped like a donut with ribbed edges.

The businessman admits that he had noticed a strange object on their own images just to get back home. The tourist decided not to hide this fact and share it with experts. Turning to British ufologist Philip Mantle, he asked him to explain what exactly hit the camera lens during a trip to China. Researcher a clear answer to this question is not given, but were quick to say that the images are not mounting. According to him, in order to identify the object will need some time.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK spotted the mysterious UFO. Floating in the sky the object frightened the local residents alerted the military of the United Kingdom. According to eyewitnesses, the aircraft had the shape of a triangle, rotating around its axis.

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