In China pedestrians who cross the road on red sprayed with water

Amazing invention to save lives.

В Китаї пішоходів, які переходять дорогу на червоний колір обприскують водою

In China, invented a new method of dealing with violators of traffic, informs Rus.Media.

Police in the town of Daye (Hubei province) has installed special equipment for spraying people trying to cross the road on red light.

The system has two functions – face detection and prevention. The equipment was installed on one of the busiest intersections of the city.

The system consists of five pillars installed along the road. They are associated with the lights and sprayed it with people trying to cross the road on red light. In fact, the perpetrators not to directly pour is more like steam, which displays a red laser beam, but it looks impressive!

If the light turns green, the pedestrians need to quickly cross the road. The equipment duplicates the traffic light indicates the laser, when pedestrians can move.

When the red light is on, the system warns the people that in case of violations they will be doused with water. And the system will do this twice on each side of the road.

Here’s how it looks in practice:

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