In China, doctors saved the child’s life, giving him heart massage for five hours

In China, within five hours the doctors and nurses carried out CPR the boy to save his life.

This case reports the Daily Mail.

20 Sep eight-year-old boy was taken to children’s hospital of Changzhou city (Jiangsu province) with acute heart failure. The patient’s condition worsened, and the doctors planned to move him to a more equipped hospital in Shanghai.

But suddenly the pressure of the child plummeted and his heart stopped due to fulminant myocarditis. The doctors were able to revive the child, but they were unable to stabilize him.

But the next morning he started to have arrhythmia and the condition worsened again. The doctor turned to a colleague from Shanghai, so they delivered the equipment for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation — emergency blood oxygen saturation. While it was on its way from Shanghai, the child’s condition deteriorated. The boy’s heart stopped again.

Physicians had five hours non-stop to carry out CPR. Thanks to the constant massage of the heart the boy died before the arrival of the equipment. During this time, the nurses pushed on his chest more than 30 thousand times. CPR was carried out on 30 physicians and nurses.
“We did everything we could to save that boy, and that would be a pity if we gave in. We wish him a speedy recovery,” — said Dr. Lee Amin.
Now Xiao Yu is in the children’s hospital of Shanghai during Podansko University.

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