In Canada, a woman witnessed a black helicopter to intercept the alien ship

Recently a woman from Canada told ufologists about the incident, the witness which she began in 2010. She argues that in the canadian province of Alberta, where the woman lives, she saw a black helicopter intercepts UFO. Similar events are held around the world.

According to the woman, the incident occurred at night when she slept. She was awakened by a very strong and bright light from the sky. She woke up and saw a round ball in the air, which raced at high speed. Then suddenly there was a black helicopter and flew him across the path. After that came the aircraft, resembling a triangle with blinking lights of different colors. Sounds devices any almost not published, only hiss. After a while this pirouette just vanished into thin air.

Recently in the Internet appeared the video, which depicted the same event.


However, many users and commentators have noted that most likely this video and these news are fake. Maybe it’s ball-shaped UFO is running a scientific instrument of data collection. Some people think this is a new drone being developed round shape. And some believe that it is possible the camera with the devices housed in the new research and development. But all agree that accurate information will be known after we published photos and videos directly from the helicopter, which was circling and watching this “UFO”.

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