In Britain, the woman took a picture of the death

In the UK, the 40-year-old woman Sharron Cole is a picture of death itself and her crow. A dark figure came to the hospital for her 67-year-old father, who was dying of cancer. The last days of an elderly British man spent in the hospital slowly dying of cancer.

With him constantly was his 40-year-old daughter. According to the woman, her parents constantly pointed to the door of the chamber, but he could not say what it sees. Call Sharron saw dad scared and went out into the corridor, where he saw the curved black piece in the hood and the crow. These mystical silhouettes she was able to capture, and a few hours later, the man departed to the other world.

As says the daughter of the deceased, the shadow took her father to a better place and she no longer has evidence that after death life does not end, but continues.

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