In Australia found a triangular UFO

By studying satellite images of Australia, the district reserves Badgingarra and Wonderware ufologists spotted a UFO triangular shape, which covered the land with bright lights. Subsequently, this mysterious object disappeared from all maps and images from Google.

According to ufologists, the UFO was a triangle, with bright glowing lights at the base of its corners. Approximate diameter of an alien spaceship was equal to 200 meters. The experts emphasize that the appearance of the mysterious object, it was evident that he has an extraterrestrial origin.

Message Amateur ufologists caused, once again, discussions as to the origin of the mysterious object, which, moreover, after a time it was impossible to see on satellite images. “Believers” in UFOs believe his disappearance proof “inoplanetnoe” and missing images – what is involved in this government. Skeptics believe that everything is possible to find a rational explanation. For example, the pictures are very similar to complex electrical wind turbines.

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